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I am a resident of the Inner Richmond and a daily walker in Golden Gate Park.

benchesLast fall, I noticed these classic park benches behind the bandshell that belong on the concourse. After a few months and nothing happened I started to make contact with the SF Recreation and Park Department. I called, went to McLaren Lodge and emailed David Iribarne (director of Golden Park) and Phil Ginsburg (director of Rec. and Park). My emails were not answered.

The fix to repair them is easy and as of this morning they are still sitting there!

Personally, I find this situation very frustrating and inexcusable. Since I have not been successful, I thought I would pass on this information. Maybe it will be something that the Richmond Review will be interested in.

Elaine Fry


I’m very upset about what “the City” (whoever that is) and Muni are doing to make my declining years even more difficult. I just know there is something very corrupt going on here. Perhaps some people in power have relatives or friends they want to give big fat construction projects to. Also, clearly there is a conspiracy to make driving and parking a limited privilege for only the rich.

They are wantonly eliminating parking spaces, meaning seniors, the disabled and all women have to walk farther and would either be in danger or else avoid going out at night – hence would be house-bound. They are building “parklets,” which mostly benefit the one or two store owners directly in front of the parklets.

They are making cutouts for Muni buses, which seem entirely unnecessary. And, horribly, they destroyed the side turn out from Geary that ran beside Masonic where it was safe and much less scary to drive to get to Target and Trader Joe’s; there was free parking at this turn-out near these two stores.

I am totally uncomfortable to drive where there is access to Trader Joe’s parking lot and also the Target lot. The loss of that turn-out is a very serious quality of life issue to me, meaning I must try to find parking four-plus blocks away and cannot carry much from Trader Joe’s or Target. And what total horse manure, this being done to “beautify” Masonic. Does that intersection look like a lovely place to sit down on a glorified median strip and look at the view? Certainly not. Total corruption is going on here.

Now, there is talk of making Golden Gate Park and points therein even more difficult to reach by car. They eliminated the 10th Avenue entrance years ago with the modernization of the M.H. de Young Museum. Now there are only a few places we can enter to reach Stow Lake or the Sunset, the speeding freeway-like Park Presidio Boulevard and 25th Avenue being out of the question for some of us. Now, they want to limit access via Eighth Avenue, which already requires us to take a long circuitous route to reach the south side of the park.

Talk of eliminating bus stops is very bad for seniors and the disabled, as well as for women of any age, who must bus home from work or shopping in the evenings. They eliminated my bus stop on the Muni #5-Fulton to shave a few minutes off the trip downtown.

I hope people can stop the outrageous plans for Geary Boulevard. As far as I’m concerned, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? They will create ugliness, a big inner-city feel and a great deal of danger and inconvenience for pedestrians as well as merchants along the way.

I can’t devote my life to fighting City Hall on all of these issues. What is all this make-work for the construction industry? Please stop this!

As Shakespeare said, “There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark (San Francisco).”

Pamela D. Kimball

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  1. Pamela, I share your frustration. It seems that the pouring of vast amounts of concrete is more important than creating a livable city for the residents.


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