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Letter to the Editor

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Imagine the scene a few years from now. The Inner Sunset, once a charming “small town” within San Francisco, has been rendered unrecognizable.

Despite community opposition, the SFMTA succeeded in railroading the removal of one N-Judah streetcar stop and the relocation of two others. And, conniving local elitists, machinating behind the backs of residents and businesses alike, teamed up with the SF Department of Public Works (DPW) to create two “themes” designed to “activate the street” in the pedestrian-laden Ninth Avenue and Irving Street area.

Visitors, disembarking mass transit at Ninth and Irving will find a parklet in their path, potted olive trees and directional signs pointing to “attractions” highlighting the Golden Gate Park theme. No more news racks, insufficient space for trash cans, fewer parking spaces, no more blooming cherry trees and tons of congestion in front of two medical facilities and residents’ bedrooms.

In addition to supporting the proposed plan, SF Mayor London Breed handed DP $100,000 to re-design the intersection when she was a member of the SF Board of Supervisors.

The plan calls for plaques in the sidewalks, homeless-deterring LED bright lighting, psychedelic crosswalks and inscribed boulders to mark the entrance to Golden Gate Park. And, a wall with a narrow ledge where people can lean and wait, but not rest (because the homeless might decide to sit down), is planned.

More than $2 million spent to improve something that would be much better as it is!

Who is behind this abomination? Watch the video at https://tinyurl.com/parkentrance to see how we got this far. It takes place at a poorly publicized meeting where the projector did not work.

However, it is not a done deal. To voice your opinion, contact Breed (415) 554-7630) and Mike Rieger (415) 558-4492) and Nick Ancel (nicholas.ancel@sfdpw.org) of DPW.

Harry Pariser

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  1. Re: 9th and Irving, Let’s stop turning this city into an amusement park. This city has always been a very livable place with picturesque neighborhoods where residents could shop, park, and walk without design recreations. Our city Father’s in their infinite greed and stupidity, are destroying the livability. Taraval St won’t have any merchants left, as their customers have nowhere to park. I was born and raised here, and am so saddened by the loss of small business, drivability and enjoyment. Maybe it’s time all us older citizens, with our canes, wheelchairs and walkers, block streets in protest that are no longer serviceable to us.

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  2. The 9th Avenue entrance to Golden Gate Park is fine as it is. It doesn’t need to be re-designed to be “grand,” It should be low-key and low-profile. 9th Avenue doesn’t need any improvements other than the improvement of public transportation so there are fewer cars on the street.


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