New captain takes command at Richmond Station

by Matthew Pera

While selling flowers in the Financial District, 18-year-old Michelle Jean could not have imagined what she would later accomplish during her tenure with the SF Police Department.

Capt copy

Capt. Michelle Jean

Capt. Jean, who in October was named commanding officer of the Richmond Station, moved to the City after graduating high school. She found her first local job with a florist shortly after arriving.

A Yuba City native, Jean later found work on the trading floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange before serving two years with the SF Sheriff’s Department. The captain said she was inspired to pursue a career in law enforcement by her father, who served as a captain with the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department.

“I thought it would be a great way to serve and contribute to my community,” she said.

Jean joined the SF Police Department in 1991. She’s held a variety of positions during her 27 years of service, including officer, sergeant and lieutenant. She served as an acting captain at both the Richmond Station and the SF Police Academy before she was promoted to her current position.

Jean’s career in service, she said, has inspired and motivated her throughout her life.

“On a daily basis, I’m thankful I chose this profession,” she said.

As commanding officer, Jean wants to inspire Richmond District residents to get involved in their community. The police station often hosts community meetings, which Jean said are not frequently well-attended. She plans to host future meetings outside the police station in an effort to be more accessible to a wider population.

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