University Approves Mt. Sutro Plan

Both Short- and Long-term Management Goals Addressed

According to the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), a recently approved plan addresses the short-term and long-term management of the Mt.Sutro Reserve. Its goals are to protect the safety of residents and visitors, improve ecosystem health, regenerate the forest and maintain and ensure public access.

The 20-year plan will address the decline in tree and ecosystem health in three phases. In the first five years, the focus will be on removing hazardous dead and dying trees and replanting in some of the hardest hit areas. The next two phases will target additional areas of decline by clearing out dead and dying trees and replanting new trees and other new vegetation in those areas.

The university will replant eucalyptus to restore the eucalyptus groves and will also plant native trees and other native species to improve biodiversity and ecosystem health.

The plan is supported by many environmental and conservation groups, including the Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, Sutro Stewards, SF Department of the Environment and the neighborhood group Inner Sunset Park Neighbors.

For questions about the environmental plan for Mount Sutro, contact Christine Gasparac at UCSF at (415) 476-8431 or Christine.Gasparac@ucsf.edu.

For more information about the final vegetation plan, go to the website at mountsutro.ucsf.edu.

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