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Letter to the Editor – Sunset Beacon


Where there was smoke, there was fire.

On the calm, quiet evening of Feb. 23, retired San Francisco firefighter Patrick Moran was leaving his friend’s home when something caught the corner of his eye. As he looked closer, it was black smoke permeating from the garage of a wooden structure at 1241 44th Ave.

Relying on his years of training and experience in the SF Fire Department (SFFD) he began yelling “fire” and “call 911.”

By this time, a crowd had gathered and one of the on-lookers called 911. Since no one was home at the house on fire, Moran’s next move was to warn the neighbors next door to leave and request a garden hose to fight the fire.

As the flames were shooting out of the top of the garage, he immediately placed the acquired hose in the mail slot to douse the flames.

IMG_1593 copy

A fire engulfed the garage of a home on 44th Avenue. Courtesy photo.

He single handedly fought the fire when three hook and ladders and fire engines came tearing down 44th Avenue, to the amazement neighbors.

As a result of this brave man’s actions, the SFFD was able the contain the fire, which was caused by an overloaded power strip, to the garage. As the neighbors residing on 44th Avenue, we would like to honor this retired firefighter for his heroic behavior.

This could have become a major disaster.

Anna Grajeda

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  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s heartening to hear the positive stories of people who do the right thing without hesitation. They make the world a better place and inspire us all to do better.


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