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Prepare for the ‘big one’

By Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer


Dear neighbors,

During the month of March, the District 1 office has one question for you – Are

you prepared?


March is Disaster Preparedness Month

The Richmond District, like all of San Francisco, faces the threat of a catastrophic

earthquake, which is why I have been pushing for a high-pressure water system

for the west side should a large earthquake trigger fires in our neighborhood.


The Outer Richmond also faces a moderate tsunami threat due to its proximity to

the ocean. My office has partnered with the Department of Emergency Manage –

ment (DEM) to prepare our community for a natural disaster, and you are invited

to two workshops I am hosting with DEM on disaster preparedness in our neighborhood:

Tsunami preparedness:  Sunday, March 11, 10 a.m.-noon, in the community room of

the Ocean Beach Apartments (740 La Playa). Since La Playa and the surrounding beach

area are in the tsunami inundation zone, neighbors will learn what to do in the case of a

tsunami and earthquake, including how to prepare, where to evacuate and more.

Translation for Russian and Cantonese speakers will be available at the event;

Richmond District disaster preparedness:  Saturday, March 24, 10 a.m.- noon, in the

George Washington High School cafeteria (600 32nd Ave.). Participants from across the

district will learn how to prepare for a major earthquake, how to stay safe during

one and much more. Translation for Russian and Cantonese speakers will be available at

the event. I want to thank the Community Youth Center (CYC) for helping with

community outreach around disaster preparedness. And many thanks to Ace Hardware

for offering a 10 percent discount on emergency items during the month of March at

both of its locations in the neighborhood: 6122 Geary Blvd. and 152 Clement St. Make

sure you stop by to pick up your emergency items and get prepared! To find out what to

include in a kit, visit the website at


An easy step towards preparedness is to sign up for ALERT SF. Just text your zip code to

the number 888-777, and you will be signed up to receive text messages informing you of

important emergency issues in your area. Our goal is to double the number of Richmond

neighbors on ALERT SF during the month of March, so sign up now!


In the neighborhood

In February, I presented a “golden broom” to a five-year-old Richmond resident

who has adopted a drain close to his home, taking responsibility for keeping it

clean to avoid flooding during rainstorms. To adopt a drain near you, visit the website



Last month, I held a community meeting in the district to discuss the SF Municipal

Transportation Agency’s Eighth Avenue Neighborway Project. More than 200 people

attended. I met with the Nation al Park Service to discuss plans to beautify our seawall at

Ocean Beach and install additional garbage cans to keep our beach clean. Capt. Alexa

O’Brien and officers from the Richmond District Police Station joined me for

Lunar New Year merchant walks along the Geary and Clement commercial corridors.

I attended the Angel Island Immigrant Voices event at the Richmond Branch Library as

well as the opening of the Western Neighborhoods Project’s new home on Balboa Street.


I met with USF about its residence hall project, which will provide hundreds of

desperately needed student housing units on campus, and recently filmed an

episode of “Discover Your District” with SFGov-TV at the New May Wah Supermarket. I’m

working with the SFPUC on a lighting assessment along the Fulton corridor and La Playa,

and I am advocating for more pickleball courts in the Richmond. Look for me and the SF

Department of Public Works in March as we walk the Geary corridor to identify needed

road repairs and street cleaning.


Legislative updates

In February, I held a hearing to explore a public municipal bank in San Francisco and

another on the status of services for young children and families. We had a second

hearing about emergency water supply systems for the west side of San Francisco, and I

have definitely seen major improvements in the proposal coming forth from the SF

Public Utilities Commission and SF Fire Department, thanks to advocacy from the

community as well as my office. And finally, I held a hearing on vacant storefronts, an

issue I have long heard concerns about from neighbors. My office is working on

legislation to address vacancy tracking and enforcement, so stay tuned!


March 1 is the start of the beach fire season. The Golden Gate National

Recreation Area has new fire pits and a curfew of 9:30 p.m. Please enjoy but remember

to put your garbage in the new garbage cans. As we enter spring, let’s use this time to

prepare ourselves for emergencies so we stay safe in this wonderful neighborhood we

call the Richmond. Hope to see you in the ’hood!


Sandra Lee Fewer is a San Francisco supervisor representing District 1.

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  1. Sandra,

    Thank you for your newsletter. However, I am very concerned over what you did Not address in the newsletter and which our neighbors are frustrated and angry about. Just track the postings on Nextdoor to know that we are very concerned about growing crime and homelessness. Your letter talks about making Ocean Beach better but the streets on which we live are littered with broken glass from the “smash and grabs”, the homeless and their carts/bags, and a proliferation of graffiti. Let’s also not gloss over the armed robberies that are occurring (or at least being posted about) with an increased frequency.

    Can you please start informing your district about the actions you are or will take to address these serious issues that are negatively impacting our quality of life in the Richmond? Thank you.



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