Police Blotter

Police Blotter – Sunset District


Vehicle Fire:

4200 Block of Judah Street, Jan. 14, 2:39 p.m.

A man parked his vehicle but there was smoke coming out from under the hood. Shortly

afterward, the vehicle burst into flames.


The SF Fire Department responded and extinguished the fire. A security video from a

nearby business confirmed the start of the blaze.


Recovery of Stolen Vehicle, False Identification, Possession of Stolen Property:

19th Avenue and Wawona Street, Jan. 12, 5:08 p.m.

Officers were on patrol and received a positive confirmation, from the License Plate

Reader system, of a stolen vehicle from Napa County.


Officers conducted a traffic stop and detained the driver without incident.


The suspect reported that the vehicle belonged to her mother. A computer check

revealed she was on probation out of Napa County.


The officers searched the vehicle and discovered multiple bags of property with different

names on them, as well as an I.D that had the driver’s photo but a different name.


Officers contacted the owners of the property, who said their vehicle had been broken

into and their property stolen. The vehicle’s owner stated the driver, her daughter, had

taken the car without permission.


After further investigation, the suspect was arrested.


Outstanding Warrant:

1300 Block of 46th Avenue, Jan. 11, 10:41 p.m.

Officers responded to a hospital regarding an incident of battery.


The officers made contact with the subject, who had just been discharged from the

hospital. The subject reported that he had been kicked in the mouth by

a known suspect near a store but he was unwilling to answer further questions and

became uncooperative.


A computer check on the subject revealed that he had an outstanding warrant for his

arrest out of Pacifica, so he was taken into custody and booked.


Traffic Violation, Suspended Driver’s License:

41st Avenue and Taraval Street, Jan. 11, 7:14 a.m.

Officers on patrol were proceeding through an intersection when a vehicle, which had

failed to stop and yield to the officer’s vehicle, narrowly missed hitting them.


The officers conducted a traffic stop and a computer check on the driver revealed that

his license had been suspended. He was cited at the scene.



1100 Block of Taraval Street, Jan. 10, 8:13 p.m.

The victim entered Taraval Station to report a carjacking. He said he double parked his

vehicle next to a fast-food restaurant while waiting to pick up a box from an

acquaintance. He was sitting in the passenger seat.


Suddenly, a man sat in the driver’s seat while a second suspect approached the victim

and pointed a hand gun at him. The armed suspect demanded the victim exit the vehicle

immediately, without taking anything. Fearing for his safety, the victim exited the vehicle

and the two suspects sped off.


While giving information to the officers, the victim was evasive as to what he was

picking up or who the acquaintance was.


Aggravated Assault with Weapon:

Golden Gate Park, Jan. 10, 11:30 p.m.

Officers responded to SF General Hospital regarding a stabbing that occurred in Golden

Gate Park.


The victim told officers he was walking through the park in an unknown area when he

saw a man harassing a woman. The victim intervened in an attempt to shield the woman

from the man, but the suspect approached the victim with a knife and stabbed him one

time in the right bicep. The suspect then fled in an unknown direction.


The victim was not sure of the exact location of the incident, but he thought it was at the

west end of the park, near Ocean Beach.


Assault, Brandishing a Weapon, Robbery:

700 Block of Taraval Street, Jan. 10, 11:02 a.m.

Officers responded to a report of shots being fired. The victim reported that he

recognized several juvenile suspects who had assaulted him and several other

people a few days earlier. They were standing across the street from him so the victim

walked into a nearby store and asked employees to call the police.


The victim walked back out and thought the suspects may have gotten on a mass transit

vehicle and crossed the street to get a closer look. But, once across the street, the suspects

noticed the victim and started laughing at him. Then, one suspect took something out of

his pocket, which caused the victim to pull out a knife for protection.


The suspects continued to laugh at the victim and walked away, but one suspect suddenly

turned back and used a BB gun to fire approximately 20 shots at the victim, who was not

struck by the shots.


The suspects fled the location but responding officers searched for and located one of the

suspects, who was recognized as a wanted person for a robbery that was recently

committed in the Mission District. The suspect was arrested.


Marijuana Offense:

2300 Block of Noriega Street, Jan. 9, 11:35 a.m.

Officers responded to a report, for the second time in a week, regarding a package

containing marijuana that was to be shipped. The witness, an employee at the business,

reported that after receiving the package and conducting the payment, he smelled the

odor of marijuana emanating from inside the package.


Due to company policy stating that employees open any suspicious packages, the

employee opened the package and found numerous bags of vacuumsealed

marijuana inside.


Possession of Loaded Firearm, Resisting Arrest:

1200 Block of 33rd Avenue, Jan. 7, 5:46 p.m.

Officers responded to a report of a person with a gun.


The witness, the suspect’s mother, reported that the suspect was angry and upset when

he returned home. The suspect ran upstairs and was observed pointing a gun at himself,

before putting it in the front waistband of his pants and leaving the house.


Responding officers located the suspect inside Golden Gate Park and successfully

detained him, despite the suspect attempting to flee as soon as he saw them. A search of

the suspect located the firearm and he was transported to a hospital for a mental health

evaluation. He was also cited.


Robbery with a Knife:

1500 Block of Kirkham Street, Jan. 4, 6:13 p.m.

The victim reported that he was walking home when the suspect suddenly approached

from behind and forcefully took the victim’s backpack and jacket. The victim turned

around and observed the suspect holding a knife.


The suspect told the victim to keep quiet and immediately fled the area.


Robbery with Gun:

41st Avenue and Pacheco Street, Jan. 4, 6:54 p.m.

The victim reported that he was walking and talking on his cell phone when he noticed

two suspects running towards him, one armed with a small handgun. The second suspect

reached around the victim and grabbed his property from his back  pocket. Both suspects

then fled the area on foot.


Burglary, Possession of Stolen Property, Resisting Arrest:

2100 Block of 24th Avenue, Jan. 4, 2:54 p.m.

Officers on patrol were flagged down by a witness who reported that a woman had just

stolen a lap-top computer. He then pointed at the suspect.


The victim stated that she was cleaning rooms at Abraham Lincoln High School when she

saw the suspect going through multiple drawers in various class rooms. The witness

confronted the suspect, who fled the scene while the witness chased her.


The officers attempted to make contact with the suspect but the suspect resisted, was

uncooperative and refused to comply with the officer’s lawful orders.


Eventually, the suspect was successfully detained and a search revealed that she was in

possession of property belonging to multiple victims. The suspect was arrested.

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