Police Beat

Police Beat – Sunset District

Be Safe During New Year

by Capt. Robert Yick


Dear residents and community members:


On Friday, Jan. 19, SF Safety Awareness for Everyone (SAFE) and the Taraval Station

hosted a press conference to announce our effort for safety during the Lunar New Year



Kyra Worthy, the executive director of SAFE, reported that (years ago) it  was common

for criminals to intimidate and extort merchants at this time of year. Therefore, SAFE

and the SF Police Department partnered to abate this type of crime. Worthy displayed

calendar that included Lunar New Year safety tips in English and Chinese.


I would especially like to thank SAFE’s public safety coordinator, Wesley Chu,

for coordinating this event. I would also like to thank SF Supervisor Katy Tang, Benny

Yee and Bill Barnickle for their attendance and support.


If you are a victim, please remain calm and immediately dial 911. Tell the dispatcher

what happened and provide the best description possible. Language assistance is always

available, and please remember: “If you see something, say something.”


Capt. Robert Yick is the commanding officer at the Taraval Station.

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