Chinese Community

Chinese legacy in the Sunset

The Chinese Historical Society of America (CHSA) launched a new exhibit in November

titled “Chinese in the Sunset,” a project about the lives of Chinese Americans in the Outer

Sunset District.


Anni Chung copy

 Anni Chung, president of Self-Help for the Elderly and a board vice president
of the Chinese Historical Society of America, speaks at the opening
of the “Chinese in the Sunset” exhibit, which was launched with a reception
at the Sunset Recreation Center on Nov. 19, 2017. Photo: John Oppenheimer.


“Chinese in the Sunset” is the culmination of a six-month research project which

illuminates the history of racial restrictions that prevented Chinese and other ethnic

minorities from living in the Sunset, how the ’60s civil rights movement and subsequent

federal legislation removed the restrictions, how social attitudes changed and how

different perspectives within the community have led to the Outer Sunset becoming a

vibrant community.


The exhibit opened at the Sunset Recreation Center, continued for a few days at the

Chinese Historical Society and then moved to the SF Public Library (100 Larkin St.),

where it will be on display until Feb. 22.

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