Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee was an inspiration, not only for the Chinese-American

community but for the community at large. He had a high-profile job but kept a low

profile – very unassuming but full of humility, grace and a sense of humor.


In 2011, I was a volunteer at Mayor Lee’s campaign office on West Portal Avenue. My late

husband, Layton Doung, and I attended his victory party after the election and

the inauguration in January, 2012.


Mayor Ed Lee Poster copy

 Mayor Ed Lee memorial poster at City Hall. Courtesy photo.



My late husband and I were very community oriented and were happy that a

“commoner,” a native son, won the mayor’s race. He not only represented the

Chinese/Asian community but served the many diverse groups of residents living

in San Francisco.


Mayor Lee’s campaign slogan was “Ed Lee Gets It Done,” and he held true to his words.

A very honest-to-goodness humble man who, out of sheer kindness, helped those who

were less fortunate. He’s an inspiration not only for the Chinese-American community

but for the community at large.


We lost a great mayor.


Janet Chan-Doung

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