Police Blotter

Police Blotter – Richmond District


Hot Prowl Burglary:

Seventh Avenue, Nov. 27, 10:07 a.m.

The victim stated she was in her apartment by herself when she saw a hand reach out and

take her wallet from a stand outside her bedroom door. The victim yelled to her

roommates but there was no response.


The victim got up and looked out the front door, and saw a man walking away with

her wallet.


The victim confronted the suspect, who told her he did not have the wallet, at which time

she found it on top of a mailbox with its money missing.


The victim gave chase and flagged down officers, who detained and positively identified

the suspect, who was booked into County Jail.


Vandalism, Aggravated Assault:

Presidio and Pacific Avenues, Nov. 25, 11:51 a.m.

A mentally disturbed person was yelling obscenities at a woman and her child.

Officers arrived at the scene and quickly detained the suspect near the

Julius Kahn Playground.


The victim said she attempted to get away from the suspect but he continued to yell at her,

while throwing rocks at her and her child.


Several witnesses and victims came forward and told officers the suspect vandalized a car

and also threw a rock through the front door at a residence on Pacific Avenue.


The suspect was booked into County Jail.


Robbery of Store, with Force:

800 Block of Clement Street, Nov. 24, 9:18 a.m.

Two male suspects entered a retail store for a non-profit organization and physically

grabbed two employees. The suspects simulated that they had a handgun and told the

victims to open a safe.


One victim, fearing for his life, opened the safe and gave the suspect all of the money that

was inside. The suspects fled westbound on Clement Street.


Robbery with Knife:

Second Avenue and Anza Street, Nov. 22, 11:43 a.m.

The victim was walking home when he was suddenly approached by an unknown man

who put a knife right up to his belly and demanded his property.


The victim complied, and handed over a messenger bag with several valuable items.

The suspect fled in an unknown direction. The investigation is ongoing.


Burglary of Store:

Sacramento and Spruce Streets, Nov. 1, 4:59 a.m.

Officers responded to Sacramento Street regarding a burglary and observed a shattered

front door. They conducted a search of the interior with negative results and then

reviewed video footage, which showed a suspect shatter the front door and

proceed to the rear of the store.


The suspect walked over to the cash register and quickly ducks down. He then takes

several bags off the shelves, exits the store and starts running westbound on Sacramento.


Attempted Homicide:

700 Block of Seventh Avenue, Oct. 31, 12:44 a.m.

Officers responded to a call at a supermarket about a suspect who was wielding a knife

and discovered the victim, who had an apparent stab wound in his lower back.


The victim said the suspect entered the store and attempted to steal a basket full of items.

When the victim tried to stop the suspect, the suspect took a can of Raid and sprayed the

victim in the face.


The victim followed the suspect outside when the suspect brandished a knife and

threatened to stab the victim, at which time the suspect’s dog began to bite the victim’s leg.

The victim was stabbed during the encounter with the suspect. Several

witnesses on scene attempted to intervene but were deterred by the suspect, who was

swinging a knife in their direction.


Officers detained the suspect in the area and he was positively identified by victims and

witnesses at the scene. The suspect was booked on several felony charges, including

attempted homicide.


Robbery with Force:

Collins Street and Geary Boulevard, Oct. 27, 12:11 p.m.

The victim was approached by a woman, who said she had won the lottery but was unable

to claim the prize and needed help.


The suspect promised the victim money if she helped her obtain the $1 million from the

winning ticket. At that point, a male suspect got involved and seemed to not know the

female suspect.


The female suspect promised both the victim and the male suspect money if they helped

her pay for a lawyer to claim the lottery prize.


The victim drove to her house and retrieved some money, and then headed to a bank to

withdraw more.


The victim drove the two suspects to Geary Boulevard, where the female suspect’s lawyer

was located. The female suspect got out of the car, followed by the male suspect, who

grabbed the victim’s purse, containing almost $40,000. The suspects ran off in an

unknown direction.

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