Marines at Argonne

On Friday afternoon, Oct. 6, 13 members of the 1st Marine Division Band, in honor of

Fleet Week, performed at the Argonne Elementary School playground.


MarinesatSchool copy

 The 1st Marine Division Band at Argonne Elementary School. Courtesy photo.


About 300 people attended the show, which included an atypical selection of modern

songs, including a well-received arrangement of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,”

along with classic marching band favorites.


Fleet Week director Ray Siotto, who made the Richmond District event possible,

commented how much the Marines love to play for kids and that this was the biggest

neighborhood band turnout of the day.


Marine Gary Robison, conductor for the 1st Marine Division Band, stated that due to

such a great turnout that they would favor returning next year.


After the performance at Argonne, the band was treated to burgers and milkshakes at

Joe’s Ice Cream on Geary Boulevard.

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