SF Village moves to Fulton

The San Francisco Village (SFV) had a grand opening of its new home, an

intergenerational community space located at 3220 Fulton St., on Oct. 12.


Since its inception, SFV had been located at the Institute on Aging (IOA) site on Geary

Boulevard, but in 2016 discovered that it would need to secure new space as the IOA

required additional room for its employees and to expand programs.


According to a public statement from SFV, “The move presented an opportunity for SFV

to step out from under the umbrella of the IOA and establish itself as an independent

leader, building a community that dignifies aging.”


A grant from the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative, run by the Office of Economic and

Workforce Development (OEWD), the Mayor’s Office on Housing and Community

Development and the Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF), as well as

with support from the Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS), enabled SFV to

sign a long-term lease at a rate the nonprofit feels it can sustain.


Tenant improvements and renovations necessary to comply with ADA requirements

were completed in August and programming at the new site has begun.


“We envision this new space as an innovative social model, demonstrating what’s

possible when a village grows from a fledging start-up into a long-term community

asset,” said Kate Hoepke, executive director at San Francisco Village.


“We’re extremely grateful for the unique public-private partnership that’s been

established between our organization, the city of San Francisco and NCCLF.

It has enabled us not only to stay in San Francisco but to increase our capacity to serve

older adults in this city,” Hoepke said.


“The groundbreaking Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative is easing real estate pressures

for important organizations like San Francisco Village so that they can focus on

delivering impactful services to the people of San Francisco,” said Todd Rufo, director

of OEWD.


With the new site, SFV is now able to host all of its programs at the same location,

schedule multiple events at one time, hold open houses and provide members with an

informal gathering space that “facilitates community building and increased

social connection.


For more information about San Francisco Village, go to the

website at

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