GG Park getting new restroom

The SF Recreation and Park Department is about to start construction on a new free-

standing restroom at Golden Gate Park’s Boat Playground, which is located near 45th

Avenue and Lincoln Way.


The $2 million restroom was conceived by an Outer Sunset neighborhood

group, and a majority of the funding was secured by District 4 Supervisor Katy

Tang through the city’s General Fund.


“We really appreciate Supervisor Katy Tang and her staff’s support and

guidance on getting this project approved and under way,” said Ginger

Tulley, leader of the 45th Avenue Neighborhood SAFE Association.


According to the Recreation and Park Department’s historian-in-residence,

Christopher Pollock, a small flat-bottomed boat with high flaring sides, also

known as a dory, was placed in the Boat Playground. It is a unique form of boat

that was used by the United States Coast Guard, formerly known as the United

States’ Life-Saving Service.


The agency’s station was located at the northwest corner of Golden Gate Park from 1878

until 1951. During this period, the agency used this type of boat to save shipwrecked

people off Ocean Beach.


Pollock concluded that while it has not been verified if the dory at the Boat

Playground directly came from the station when the agency relocated, it is likely

the case.


Based on feedback provided by park users, the Rec. and Park Department’s

capital and operation teams developed the project in partnership with SF Public

Works. The proposed project will install the all-gender restroom building, as well

as new water, electrical and sanitary utility services to Lincoln Way, and pedestrian

path improvements that meet ADA access requirements. New landscape will

be added in the area and an irrigation system will maintain the existing and

new plantings.

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