Youth assist Hurricane Harvey victims

After learning about Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it caused in Houston,

Richmond natives Lori Agbabian (age 11) and Arman Agbabian (age 8) felt a call to

action and set up a lemonade stand on Sept. 3 to raise money for relief efforts.


The youth, along with their parents Bryan and Valina Agbabian, set up the stand at the

exit to the parking lot at Baker Beach at the Presidio, at the corner of Lincoln and

Bowley streets.


 Lori (right) and Arman Agbabian hand out free lemonade to people
who donated money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. (Courtesy photo.)


Initially the youth were a bit nervous because they had never interacted with the general

public in such an open way. However, they were soon met with smiling faces and

supportive comments by all, even those who did not participate in the fundraising effort.


Coincidentally, Joseph Panugaling and his family happened to walk by; they were victims

of Hurricane Harvey and were in town staying with family until they were able to return

home. They showed pictures of their flooded home and neighborhood.


The Panugalings were very touched by the efforts of the children and thanked them and

took pictures of the lemonade stand to share with their family and friends back

in Houston.


The children squeezed 25 pounds of lemons to make seven gallons of home-made

lemonade. Their hours of preparation and good will were met with tremendous support

from  thirsty beachgoers, cyclists, pedestrians and drivers who pulled over.


Altogether, the Agbabian youth raised $371, and their parents matched their funds, so a

total of $742 was sent to the Natural Disaster Emergency Relief Fund earmarked for

Hurricane Harvey victims through the Armenian Missionary Association

of America.

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