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Richard Corriea


Fall must be upon us since things are warming up here in the Richmond District.


The Planning Association for the Richmond’s (PAR) bylaws set out its mission, which is to

develop and implement policies for the maintenance and enhancement of the physical

and social dimensions of life in the district.


In this connection, I want to highlight a couple of items on PAR’s agenda, and encourage

each of you to join PAR in order to participate in the creation of policies that improve

and protect this wonderful community of ours.


The Planning Association for the Richmond will be holding its fall general membership

forum at the Richmond Recreation Center, which is located at 251 18th Ave., on

Wednesday, Oct. 18, at 7 p.m.


The forum will focus on community transportation objectives and residents’ perspectives

about transportation needs in the district. This will include a panel of both new and

traditional transportation service providers assembled for the purpose of hearing

Richmond stakeholders as they share their thoughts and posit questions about

transportation services.


Additionally, panel members engaged in transportation businesses and city bureaucrats

will have an opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts about how their modes of

transportation and services relate to stakeholders’ needs. Together, we will

collaborate to create a vision of a satisfactory and comprehensive transportation future.


As well, let’s move on to housing density and public safety. Many will agree that the

Richmond has the capacity for more housing and increased population density to help

support the needs of our ever growing City. That said, the Richmond

has infrastructure and other needs that should be included in the conversation

about density.


And a note about our neighborhood movie theaters. Please patronize the Vogue, Bridge,

Four Star and Balboa theaters – each are gems in our community and need your support.


I will see you at the general membership forum on Oct. 18, and remind you that for PAR

to continue to be relevant and effective at our mission, we need your membership.


Please visit the website at to learn more about PAR or to join the



Richard Corriea is president of the Planning Association for the Richmond.


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