board of supervisors

$1 Million Spread Around District 4

By Paul Kozakiewicz


Each fiscal year, members of the SF Board of Supervisors are given money in the city

budget to spend on items important to the supervisor and district. For the current fiscal

year, which started July 1, each member of the board was granted slightly more than $1

million for their individual districts.


For San Francisco Supervisor Katy Tang, who represents District 4, the following is a list

of her priorities for this year:

• $220,000 to provide one Homeless Outreach Team in District 4. The cost includes

approximately $175,000 for two outreach workers and $35,000 for a vehicle;

• $124,000 for two “ambassadors,” one to patrol Noriega Street, between 45th and 47th

avenues, and one to patrol Outer Judah Street, between 44th Avenue and La Playa;

• $200,000 for better case management and targeted support for about 100 Sunset

District families (includes parenting classes and “training and technical assistance in

data-driven processes;”

• $25,000 to reduce the amount of cigarette butt litter via a pilot butt can program;

• $50,000 to create a new pilot program to provide lunches for needy residents from

Monday through Friday (site to be determined);

• $91,000 for a dedicated city gardener to take care of the landscaping on the

Great Highway, between Lincoln Way and Sloat Boulevard;

• $75,000 to support the Sunset Community Festival, Autumn Moon Festival, outer

Taraval Street Fair and outer Irving Street Fair;

• $100,000 to assist business recruitment and retention for Taraval, Judah, Irving and

Noriega streets and for the Invest in Neighborhoods and SF Shines programs;

• $80,000 for the Frontward Ambassadors Program, which encourages Sunset

homeowners to convert their concrete front yards into something that allows water to

permeate to the underground aquifer;

• $25,000 for planned activities at the Playland at 43rd Avenue site; and,

• $90,000 for STEAM programing at nine District 4 schools. Each gets $10,000.

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