Police Blotter – Richmond District

E-mail Scam: July 16, 2:50 p.m., Sixth Avenue and Geary Boulevard

A San Francisco resident came into Richmond Station to report that he had been

scammed out of thousands of dollars. The fraudsters used elaborate methods to cheat the

victim out of his money, including fake emails from the Federal Bureau of

Investigation (F.B.I.).


The victim sold a popular video game console online to a customer in Nigeria.

The suspect offered to pay an extra service fee if the victim would ship the

console to Nigeria so the victim shipped it. However, he soon received an e-mail from a

“money gram” company, claiming that he had been paid for the video game console.


Then began a long series of emails claiming that the package delivery was being delayed

due to “anti-terrorism” policies. The victim was instructed to wire money in order to

prove the package belonged to him, which he did. This series of e-mails and money

transfers continued, and included additional fees for “package insurance” and bizarre

“security and awareness” fees from the F.B.I.


By the time Western Union eventually halted further wire transfers due to suspicious

activity, the victim had lost more than $10,000. Needless to say, the emails

were not from a legitimate company, the victim was never paid for the videogame

console, and he was never reimbursed for the extra fees.


Auto Burglary, Outstanding Warrants, Possession of Burglary Tools,

False Impersonation: Golden Gate Park, July 14, 5:10 p.m.

Officers from Richmond Station responded to the Beach Chalet on the Great Highway

regarding an auto burglary that had just occurred. A witness told officers that the

suspect had broken into a parked vehicle and fled the area into some nearby bushes.


The officers searched the area and were able to locate a suspect matching the

description. They also located a purse that had been stolen from the vehicle, and

the tool which most likely was used to break the car window.


The officers ran a criminal history check on the detained suspect, but could not find any

prior arrests under his name. The witness to the incident identified the detained suspect

as the individual breaking into the vehicle.


After further investigation, the officers discovered that the suspect had been lying about

his identity so they conducted a criminal history check on his real name and discovered

he had two felony warrants out for his arrest. The false name given to

the officers was that of his brother.


The suspect was arrested and booked at San Francisco County Jail.


Arson: July 13, 4:30 p.m., Golden Gate Park

A concerned citizen called the police and fire departments after seeing a person lighting

trash on fire in Golden Gate Park, near 38th Avenue and Fulton Street.


The witness asked the female suspect to stop, but the suspect ignored her so the witness

called the police and fire departments.


The fire department arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire. Police officers

arrived on the scene and took the suspect into custody. She was booked at County Jail

after refusing to identify herself or to sign a citation.


Driving without a License, Speeding: July 8, 11:45 p.m.,

36th Avenue and Geary Boulevard

Officers from the Richmond Station observed a motorcycle traveling approximately

twice the posted speed limit on Geary Boulevard (60 m.p.h. in a 30 m.p.h. zone), so they

decided to attempt a traffic stop in order to issue the rider a citation.


The officers activated the red lights and siren of their marked police vehicle, but the

motorcycle rider failed to yield. The suspect looked back in the police officers’ direction

several times but accelerated away from them at an unsafe speed.


However, the officers were able to get his license plate number before he sped away. The

plate was registered to an address in the Richmond District, so the officers promptly

responded to that address in an attempt to locate the motorcycle and its driver.


As the officers arrived at the address, they located the male suspect still wearing the

same riding jacket and holding his motorcycle helmet. This suspect initially continued to

ignore the officers when they instructed him to stop and speak with them.


The suspect was argumentative and uncooperative with the officers during the

encounter so additional officers responded to the scene to assist. An officer located

the suspect’s motorcycle parked nearby.


The officers ran a records check on the suspect and discovered that he did not have a

valid motorcycle license issued from the California Department of

Motor Vehicles. The suspect was cited for multiple infractions and

the motorcycle was towed from the scene.


Commercial Burglary, Outstanding Warrants, Possession of Narcotics:

July 8, 5:32 a.m., 21st Avenue and Balboa Street

Officers from Richmond Station responded to a closed laundromat, which was

reportedly being broken into by two suspects.


The witness told dispatch that two males were seen breaking into the laundromat’s

storage room. The suspects left the scene before officers arrived, but the witness

provided a detailed description and their direction of travel. When officers arrived, the

suspects attempted to flee the area in different directions but officers were able to detain

both suspects without incident.


The officers ran the criminal histories of the detained suspects and discovered that one

had two outstanding warrants for his arrest. They also discovered the suspect was in

possession of several kinds of illegal narcotics. He was arrested and booked on multiple

charges. The second suspect was released without charges.


Assault and Battery: July 3, 11:55 p.m., 21st Avenue and Geary Boulevard

A night at a local bar ended badly for a man who was assaulted and needed medical

attention. Officers were dispatched to the bar and arrived to find the victim unconscious

on the floor.


The officers immediately requested medical care for the victim and attempted to

ascertain what happened. However, the officers had difficulty locating witnesses to the

incident who were willing to cooperate with the investigation.


One witness told officers that they observed two male suspects struggling with the victim

on the floor.


The Richmond Station investigation team is still investigating the incident and are

looking to identify the two suspects.


Wild Goose Chase: July 2, 7:40 p.m., 28th Avenue and Fulton Street

A sick Canadian Goose walked along Fulton Street, causing motorists to drive

around it and almost causing traffic collisions. The bird was apparently unable to fly

away and needed help.


Two police officers were able to corral the wounded bird and take it out of traffic.

The officers used their jackets to catch the goose, and they placed it in the back of their

patrol vehicle to keep it out of harm’s way.


The officers took the goose to Richmond Station, where Animal Care and Control

responded. The goose was transported to the Peninsula Humane Society

for treatment.

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