Letter to the Editor


The gentrification crisis in San Francisco has not quelled; greed has run rampant and

tenants are dealing with the repercussions. Since 2014, the Rent Board’s Annual

Statistical Report details more than 6,000 evictions, a conservative estimate because it

does not capture the evictions that have not been reported to the Rent Board.


On the west side, for the fiscal year of 2015-2016, the Richmond has seen the

second highest number of Ellis Act petitions, pre-buyout declarations and wrongful

eviction reports. The Sunset and Richmond have the highest numbers of OMIs, coming in

first and second respectively.


For these reasons, the Anti- Displacement Coalition of San Francisco, a coalition of

more than 15 organizations that tackle the problem of housing and gentrification, hosted

another round of tenant conventions throughout the City.


This time, we decided to focus on the problem of speculation. And for the first time, there

was a tenant convention specifically for the west side. The insights that came out of the

west side tenant convention were invaluable.


We learned that tenants on the west side share similar values and needs. We learned that

tenants want to build more affordable housing, to have more navigation centers, to

defend small businesses, and to protect the most vulnerable – and all in our backyard.


Lastly, the most valuable insight – tenants on the west side are powerful and we are

becoming organized. Tenants are coming together and asserting our power.

Cynthia Fong

SF Housing Rights Committee

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