Police Beat

Police Blotter – Richmond District

Domestic Violence: 33rd Avenue and Clement Street, June 4

Police officers arrived at the scene and discovered a longtime criminal was going on a

crime spree. The victim said she was thrown to the ground and hit several times by the

suspect, who was possibly under the influence of drugs.


Responding officers deployed to set up a perimeter to search for the suspect.

Another report came in to dispatch saying the suspect was in a business threatening

people and throwing glass jars, bottles and kitchen utensils, including knives.


Officers confronted the suspect, who held a large kitchen knife, which he refused to

drop. When the suspect started to advance on the officers, they fired a non-lethal volley,

which caused the suspect to drop the knife. Officers then moved in to make the arrest

without further incident.


The suspect was taken to the hospital where he was mentally evaluated, and then taken

to county jail for booking.


Outstanding Arrest Warrant, Burglary Suspect: Sea Cliff, June 3,

approximately 3 a.m.

A report came in to dispatch about a man walking through the Seacliff looking into

parked vehicles and checking to see if the doors were locked.


Two officers responded to the scene and found the suspect. A computer check revealed

he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for previously breaking into vehicles and

for being in possession of stolen property.


The suspect was arrested and booked for the outstanding warrants.


A supplemental police report detailing the suspect’s suspicious moves will accompany

him to the courtroom when a judge hears his case.


Possession of Narcotics, False Impersonation: California Street and Laurel Avenue:

June 2, approximately 3 p.m.

A call to police dispatch said a man was in the middle of the street, rolling on the ground.

“I’m freestyling in the middle of the street,” the suspect responded when asked about

his activities.


The suspect initially gave a wrong name, that of his brother, before police were able to

figure out the ruse. A computer search revealed his true identity.


A search of the suspect revealed suspected methamphetamine and a pipe commonly

used for smoking the illegal drug.


The suspect was taken into custody without incident and booked on drug and

false impersonation charges.


Assault and Battery, Hate Speech: Sixth Avenue and Geary Boulevard,

June 1, approximately 2 a.m.

A man was riding a city bus when the suspect approached and attacked him, using

“derogatory, offensive and hate-filled speech.” The suspect also hit the

victim, knocking his glasses off and sending him to the floor of the bus. It was not the

first time the suspect had attacked the victim.


The victim gave a good description of his attacker and police officers were able to find

and apprehend the suspect, who had a long history of prior incidents

in his police record.


The suspect was taken into custody and booked on numerous charges.

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