Letter to the Editor


The SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has quietly been adding angled

parking near businesses in the Outer Sunset District.

It sounds like a good idea to increase parking availability

around a high traffic area, but the SFMTA did not resize the sidewalks.


As a result, the size of the roadway is much diminished, to the point of

forcing an alternative one-way on a two-way street. This is of course unexpected, and

not marked by any signage.


A car traveling on Judah Street and turning onto 26th Avenue in the

southbound direction can come face to face with a car going northbound without

any warnings, because of the cars (and large pickup trucks) impeding

Letterpicture2-5-17visibility of any oncoming traffic. And at

that intersection, the job was also pretty

sloppily done, with quite a spill of red

marking paint.



Name withheld by request.


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