Police Blotter

Police Blotter

Discharging a Firearm within City Limits: March 10, 4:30 a.m.,

Baker and Bush Streets

Officers responded to a report of gunshots and located five

bullet casings. They searched the area for injured

victims or property damage, but nothing was discovered. The investigation is ongoing.


Loaded Firearm in a Vehicle, Possession of Narcotics Paraphernalia,

Traffic Violation: March 8, 10:40 p.m., Geary Boulevard and 20th Avenue

While officers were pulling over a driver to issue a fix-it ticket for an inoperable stop

lamp, they came across narcotics paraphernalia and a loaded shotgun.

The driver was cited with illegal transportation of a firearm

and the original traffic infraction, and the firearm was taken off the streets.


Ammunition, Possession by Prohibited Person, Traffic Violation:

March 6, 6:09 p.m., Funston Avenue and Cabrillo Street

While conducting speed enforcement checks along Park

Presidio Boulevard, officers observed a vehicle traveling excessively

fast. They confirmed their suspicions using Lidar speed-detecting

equipment. Upon stopping the vehicle, the officers ran a standard check and

discovered the driver was on probation, which allowed for a

no-search-warrant search. The officers searched the vehicle

and discovered live ammunition. The driver is a convicted

felon and therefore prohibited from possessing ammunition, so

he was arrested and booked at County Jail.


Driving Under the Influence, Traffic Collision, Search Warrant Service:

March 4, 8:45 p.m., Clement Street and 40th Avenue

The driver was inching his vehicle along amongst bushes

and foliage when officers observed the strange conduct.

The officers attempted to pull the driver over after he hit a “No

parking” sign, and calls began to stream in to dispatch. One reported

the driver had crashed into a parked vehicle and then

drove off the road and into some bushes.

A DUI test was conducted and a warrant was attained to get

a sample of the suspect’s blood, which showed he was under the

influence of alcohol. He was arrested.


Possession of Stolen Vehicle, Traffic Violation: March 2, 9:30 p.m.,

Balboa Street and 14th Avenue

While running a check of a vehicle that failed to yield to a

pedestrian, officers discovered the vehicle was reported stolen.

Further investigation revealed the vehicle belonged to a rental

company. The driver was arrested and booked at County Jail on

several felony charges.


Multiple Armed Robberies: Feb. 27, 9:45 a.m.,

Point Lobos and 43rd Avenue

Wearing a black ski mask and red bandana, the suspect jumped

over the counter of a pharmacy, displayed a semi-automatic pistol

and demanded receipt of very specific prescription drugs.

The suspect repeated this process at multiple pharmacies, all

belonging to the same corporate chain.


Attempted Robbery with Force: Feb. 27, 5:13 p.m.,

La Playa and Cabrillo Street

Witnesses observed the suspect place multi-vitamins and

“over the counter” pain medications in a plastic bag before leaving

the store without paying. An employee went outside to

thwart the suspect’s escape, but the suspect went back inside the

store and pinned the employee up against the counter while attempting

to re-steal the goods. Police officers caught up with the suspect and he was arrested.


Traffic Collision, Driving without a Valid Driver’s License: Feb. 28, 12:25 p.m.,

Clement Street and 22nd Avenue

Onlookers were unnerved when a vehicle plowed into the

front of a Richmond District business, My Favorite Cafe.

Fearing for the worst, multiple officers responded to the

scene to assist and conduct an investigation.

When they ran a records check on the driver of the vehicle,

it was discovered that the suspect was not a licensed driver.

The suspect told investigating officers that he had mistakenly

applied the accelerator instead of the break as he was parking the

vehicle. He was cited at the scene for driving without a driver’s license.

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