Police Blotter

Police Blotter – March, 2017

Battery: Feb. 18, 1:04 p.m.,

37th Avenue and Ulloa Street

Both the suspect and victim

reported a road rage incident that

resulted in a mutual physical

fight between the drivers.

Since both parties wanted to

press charges against each other,

both combatants were cited at

the scene.


Battery: Feb. 18, 3:28 p.m.,

800 Block of Ulloa Street

The suspect was swinging an

emergency cone at several

screaming females.

While attempting to calm

down the man, the victim was

also struck by the cone. The suspect

then walked away from the

scene of the incident.


Suspended Driver’s

License: Feb. 16, 3:35 p.m.,

Irving Street and 22nd Avenue

The suspect had his driver’s

license suspended, but that did

not stop him from getting new license

plates for his vehicle – he

simply created new ones out of


The driver was cited.


Suspended Driver’s

License: Feb. 15, 11:45 p.m.,

Lincoln Way and 23rd Avenue

Officers were on patrol and

heard a sudden and loud explosion

from the middle of a nearby

intersection. Suddenly, a vehicle

emerged after making an illegal

U-turn, then drove away at a

high rate of speed.

The officers conducted a traffic

stop and discovered the vehicle

operator ’s driver ’s license

was suspended.

He was cited.


Robbery: Feb. 14, 1:01 a.m.,

19th Avenue and Kirkham

Street. The suspect watched the victim

from his car across the street

from where she stood at a bus

stop listening to music from her


The suspect exited his car,

walked up to the victim and

snatched her cell phone. He then

ran to his vehicle and fled the



Battery: Feb. 12, 1:47 p.m.,

Ninth Avenue and Lincoln


The victim was trying to walk

along the sidewalk with a

stroller, but her path was obstructed

by the suspect, who suddenly

kicked the victim’s stroller

and then kicked the victim in the

knee before running into the

middle of the street.

The suspect was later arrested

for the incident.


Battery: Feb. 11, 11:24 p.m.,

Judah Street and 42nd Avenue

The victim was running when

several dogs attacked and

jumped on him.

The victim told the suspect to

control his dogs, but the suspect

denied ownership of the fierce

canines. The suspect then approached

the victim, causing the

victim to push the suspect away

in self defense. The suspect reacted

by punching him.

The victim left the scene and

filed a police report about the incident.


Violation of Restraining

Order: Feb. 10, 8:53 p.m., 800

Block of Irving Street

The suspect was hiding under

a truck and refused to leave.

Because the suspect had a

stay-away order from a nearby

business, he wound up being arrested

for the transgression.


Burglary: Feb. 10, 5:02

p.m. , 37th Avenue and

Santiago Street

A residence was burglarized,

but officers already had a suspect

in mind and knew where he lived

from a records search.

The officers watched the suspect’s

property and observed

him entering a garage. They then

conducted a probation search

and recovered the stolen items.

The suspect was arrested.


Outstanding Warrant: Feb.

10, 6:20 p.m., 2300 Block of

24th Avenue

The suspect entered the

Taraval Police Station to request

a vehicle release form for his vehicle.

But, officers arrested the

man instead for an outstanding



Battery: Feb. 9, 3:22 p.m.,

19th Avenue and Ortega Street

Officers responded to a report

regarding a possible hate crime.

The victim, a school faculty

member who was acting as a

crossing guard for students, reported

being shot with a glass

ball from a vehicle that passed. The suspect also muttered

derogatory comments toward the

victim. Officers searched for the suspect,

but were unsuccessful.


Battery: Feb. 8, 6:56 a.m.,

Taraval Street and 28th


The victim was waiting for

Muni and entered the street to

board a streetcar. A passing vehicle

nearly hit him, and he retaliated

by swinging his backpack at

the car.

The driver was displeased by

the victim’s action and exited his car to

hold the victim so he wouldn’t flee.

Officers investigated the incident but

neither party wanted to press charges, so

the men were released.


Attempted Robbery: Feb. 8, 12:18

a.m., 1300 Block of 25th Avenue

The suspect, holding a firearm, approached

the victim after she exited her

vehicle. He demanded her property, but

instead the victim fled towards the nearest

houses and rang several doorbells

while screaming, which caused the suspect

to flee in a waiting vehicle.


Assault on School Employee: Feb. 7,

10:55 a.m., 1500 Block of 31st Avenue

The victim told officers that the suspect,

a parent, hit him with a stroller after

an argument.

The suspect then fled the scene.


Battery: Feb. 5, 9:50 a.m., 1400

Block of 41st Avenue

A witness saw the suspect kick a victim

and confronted him, which caused

the suspect to flee.

The victim was uncooperative and did

not wish to speak with officers.


Assault: Feb. 4, 2:06 p.m., Judah

Street and 46th Avenue

The victims, three juveniles, were

throwing candy into the air and attempting

to catch it in their mouths when one

accidentally hit the suspect’s shoulder.

When the suspect reached for a knife, the

youth fled.

Responding officers located camera

footage of the suspect and will continue

to investigate the incident.


Robbery: Feb. 2, 3:17 p.m., Judah

Street and 40th Avenue.

The victim reported that five juvenile

suspects approached him on a Muni

streetcar and punched him before grabbing

his backpack.

The suspects then exited the Muni and

fled the location.


Driving While Intoxicated: Feb. 1,

7:38 p.m., Vicente Street and 18th


A driver was arrested for driving

while intoxicated after he rear-ended a

vehicle. He then proceeded to drive but

ran again into the same vehicle.

The suspect was arrested.


Robbery: Feb. 1, 7:59 p.m., Judah

Street and 25th Avenue

Two suspects approached the victim

and pushed him suddenly up against a

wall. They then stole his possessions and

fled the scene.

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