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City Hall: Community Updates by Supervisor Katy Tang

Pedestrian Safety on

Sunset Boulevard

The intersection at Sunset Boulevard and Yorba Street has been known to be a particularly dangerous crosswalk for pedestrians. The recent tragic pedestrian fatality and injuries that have occurred there within a few weeks’ time serve as reminders for us all of the need for caution and vigilance when driving and walking along our city streets.

Our office has been working hard to improve visibility and safety in the area. Despite the pedestrian warning lights at the intersection, we recognized the need for additional measures. We advocated for the installation of a traffic signal in the area, which was slated to be installed at the end of 2016.

With the occurrence of the two recent accidents, however, the timeline has been accelerated and safety measures will be implemented by the end of 2014. The improvements are a part of SF Mayor Ed Lee’s recently- announced new pedestrian safety actions, which includes $17 mil- lion for pedestrian safety at 170 locations in the City besides the Sunset District.

Our office will continue to make pedestrian safety a priority in the area and will keep the community informed as progress is made to make this area safe for all.

Pedestrian Safety on Lincoln Way

Our office has heard many concerns about the dangerous conditions for pedestrians along Lincoln Way. One intersection in particular that has been brought to our attention frequently is Lincoln and 34th Avenue.

This intersection is used by many as it leads pedestrians directly to the Polo Field inside Golden Gate Park. The SFMTA recently analyzed the intersection for its suitability for traffic calming, and it will be installing a traffic signal at that intersection in 2015. In the interim, we have asked that they explore some near-term traffic-calming measures to enhance the area.

Additionally, we have heard concerns about limited visibility for drivers of pedestrians waiting to cross the street. Pedestrians waiting to cross can potentially be blocked from the view of oncoming traffic by parked vehicles. That is why our office has partnered with the SFMTA to look at locations along Lincoln Way to limit parking between crosswalks and the yield line markings, also known as “sharks’ teeth.”

The SFMTA will be making recommendations as to which particular intersections will need parking limitations to enhance visibility, and we will share those locations with the community when more information is available.

Update on Transit

Effectiveness Project

As the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) works to address transit reliability through

its Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), our office wants to make sure that our community is aware of potential upcoming changes to Muni lines. The TEP is a comprehensive overhaul of San Francisco’s transit network with changes proposed to modernize Muni and make it more efficient, reliable, safe and comfortable.

The TEP includes three categories of implementation tools to improve Muni:

• Service improvements – reduce crowding and improve connections to regional transit;

• Service-related capital improvements – capital investments such as overhead wire expansions or terminal improvements;

• Travel time reduction proposals (TTRP) – planning and engineering proposals to reduce travel time and improve reliability.

In District 4, there are eight lines that are part of the TEP. For maps and more information on the details of these lines, please visit the website at

You can also view SFMTA’s full TEP Implementation Workbook at updates/tep-implementation- workbook-outreach-summary- now-available.

The lines are:

• L-Taraval – TTRP, increase in frequency;

• N-Judah – TTRP, increase in frequency;

• 16X-Noriega Express – change to route alignment;

• 18-46th Avenue – change to route alignment;

• 28/28L-19th Avenue;

• 28-19th Avenue – TTRP, change to route alignment and revised service change proposal, increase in frequency;

• 28L-19th Avenue – TTRP, change to route alignment and revised service change proposal, increase in frequency;

• 29-Sunset – change to route alignment, increase in frequency;

• 48-Quintara – change to route alignment and revised ser- vice change proposal, frequency modification to align with new 58 service;

• 71L-Haight Noriega – TTRP, changes to route alignment, increase in frequency.

On Feb. 19, the SFMTA held a public meeting on proposed changes to the #28L-line that runs along 19th Avenue. Currently, along 19th Avenue, there are seven existing 28L stops: Lincoln, Judah, Quintara, Taraval, Sloat, Winston and Holloway. The TEP proposes to remove stops at Lincoln, Quintara and Sloat. Implementation of these changes will occur between the summer of 2014 and 2016. An opportunity to discuss changes to the regular 28-line will be held before summer.

The TEP proposes to reduce by 25 percent – 30 percent the travel time for the L-Taraval line.

For more information on the TEP, please visit the website at tiveness-project or contact Sean Kennedy, manager of the TEP, at

We encourage everyone to submit their comments about any of the proposed changes to Muni lines throughout the City through

Great Highway Flashing Beacons

The Upper Great Highway, between Lincoln Way and Sloat Boulevard, is typically closed due to inclement weather or sand accumulation. Unfortunately, motorists are left unaware of the closure until they arrive at the Great Highway itself, resulting in diversions through neighbor- ing residential streets.

This can be frustrating to drivers as well as residents that live on adjacent streets affected by the resulting vehicular traffic. The vehicular traffic on the Lower Great Highway during closures has also made the street unsafe for pedestrians and families living nearby.

In response to future closures, our office has been working with the SFMTA and the SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) on the installation of flashing beacons that will alert drivers when the Great Highway is closed. The beacons will be placed strategically on Lincoln Way at 33rd Avenue, Sloat Boulevard at Middlefield Drive, Skyline Boulevard at John Muir Drive, and Fulton Street at 33rd Avenue. The flashing beacons will say “Great Highway closed when lights flashing” to encourage drivers to take alternate routes.

This work will be part of an upcoming construction contract scheduled to begin in April, with an expected operation date of winter 2014.

Katy Tang represents District 4 on the SF Board of Supervisors.

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