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City launches zero-waste textile initiative to keep textiles out of landfill

The City and County of San Francisco has launched a Zero Waste Textile Initiative, encouraging residents and businesses to recycle unwanted apparel, footwear and other textiles at an event at the Westfield San Francisco Centre. The effort is intended to eliminate the 4,500 pounds of textiles that are sent to the city’s landfill every hour.
The initiative partners the City with S.F. Goodwill and other nonprofits, retail businesses, and I:Collect – a leading global end-to-end solutions provider that collects textiles for reuse and recycling into items such as toys, insulation and carpeting.

The Zero Waste Textile Initiative seeks to eliminate the 39 million pounds of textiles San Franciscans send to the landfill each year and help reduce the 21 billion pounds of textile waste generated yearly in the United States.
For more information about the Zero Waste Textile Initiative, visit the website at

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